Designer David Landis focuses on lighting.


Based in New York, David received a B.S. in interior design from the University of Cincinnati School of Design, Architecture and Art. In the late-’80s, after working as an interior designer, David started his own interior design firm, David Landis Design. Over the years, David has developed a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial interiors; he is NCIDQ accredited.  As an interior designer, David's designs translate the integrated vision of both his clients wants and needs and his own designer’s lens. 


In 1990, David ventured into product design with the Landis Lamp, a reductionist version of a basic table lamp. In essence, he created a lamp by stripping the product down to its basic skeleton of parts—those parts usually found inside the lamp.  One year later, he took home the Roscoe Award for Best Residential Lighting. With trophy in hand, David opened a studio workshop dedicated to manufacturing and promoting his new product designs. 


David began working closely with other lighting manufacturing companies in 2000. “It was time for me to get out of manufacturing," says David of his new direction. "The design possibilities increased dramatically once I realized I could focus all my attention on creating innovative new products in different vernaculars."

Since that time, David has developed numerous relationships with both American and Chinese manufacturers while continuing his efforts to be both original and forward thinking. David Landis Design prides itself on being able to interpret, share, and offer pragmatic and innovative solutions based on current trends.